This surfboard resembles a shortboard, but can be as large as a longboard. The gun has three sub categories, which are "step-ups", "semi guns", and "slabs." The size can range from 7 to 12 feet in length and it sports a long and thin needle like design. The gun can have a single fin, thrusters, or four fins. The most commonly used set of fins is the tri-fin thruster. A surfer would use a quad set of four fins if they want added speed. This board has a wide point that is marginally forward of center. This aspect improves paddling efficiency and makes it possible to get to the waves quicker. While the board may look sleek, it was designed for control, not speed. The v shape at the base of the board creates suction and better control on the face of the wave. Because of the design it is free of drag and resists the upward suction of water. The gun is designed for paddling out to and surfing big waves. This board is for expert surfers only.