This board came about in 1964 and caused a revolution in surfing. It all started when Bob McTavish came up with an idea in a shaping bay. He revolutionized the surfboard by altering its shape and size. He later made refinements to the overall shape in 1967. The shortboard became mainstream and the desire for shorter boards caused a decline in longboarding.

The shorboard has a pointed nose and a square tail. These boards can range from 6 to 7 feet in length and can have two to five fins. The most common amount of fins used is three. Because of this board's small size it has excellent maneuverability, but lacks floatation and requires a more powerful wave. Also, because of the size of the shortboard it is harder to catch a wave. When using the shortboard, the surfer has to catch the wave at a specific time before the wave begins to break.