This killer sport is considered one of the oldest in the world. The true origins of surfing are unknown, but the people who have been believed to be the first to ever surf were the Polynesians. To these people surfing was not just a sport for recreation, but an art form. Even creating the surfboard was a highly ritualized and important part of their culture. They even had a spiritual ceremony every time they harvested a tree to construct a board.

Once the Europeans arrived, surfing began to fade due to the strictness of the missionaries. Everything changed during the 1900's. Tourists from the mainland began visiting and taking an interest in surfing. Surf clubs were sprouting up and Hawaii was getting crowded. Surfing really took off and became a worldwide phenomenon when a surfer named Duke Kahanamoku traveled around the world and taught the techniques of surfing.

Over the years surfing began to evolve. New types of boards were shaped, underground surf cultures began to appear, and people started to put together surfing contests. Due to surfing pioneers like Tom Blake, the sport was booming by the 1950's and is still prominent in today's society and culture.