This type of board evolved from the kneeboards of the 1960s. They were popular during the 70's and 80's. The board's popularity resurged in early 2000. The rolex explorer fish tail is a board that is primarily used to surf on small to midsize waves. It does not surf well on steep or hollow waves. The board is easy to paddle due to its wide shape. Also, because of its width, it is hard to ride vertically and does not transition from rail to rail very well. The board has a bit of a rocker, which makes it easy to zenith watch carry acceleration through sections of a wave that are flat.

It is less than 6 feet in length and is between 18 and 22 inches wide. Fish tails are short and stubby. The board sports a "swallow tail." They usually have a two to three fin set. The fish tail is primarily for intermediate to advanced surfers. Some cartier replica watches famous fish board shapers include Steve Brom, Larry Mabil, Rich Pavel, and Skip Frye.